Until No Child Has AIDS - The Need for Pediatric HIV Treatment


There has been great news recently in the fight against pediatric AIDS. A second child born with HIV has been cleared of the virus, and the researchers involved in the case are connected to one of our longtime clients - the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF).

That's the good news - the bad news is that too many children living with HIV around the world still don't have access to the lifesaving treatment they need.

That's why EGPAF commissioned us to create their newest advocacy piece, "Until No Child Has AIDS." It premiered this month in Geneva at an event hosted by EGPAF and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to highlight the challenges and solutions for children's access to HIV treatment. 

The video served as a companion piece to the issue brief released by EGPAF and the IPU about the current crisis in pediatric treatment. Around the world, more than 700 children are infected with HIV every day - but they only have access to HIV drugs at about half the rate of adults.

And the medicines they do get are often not child friendly or optimized for young kids. 

EGPAF is using our piece to educate global audiences about how to change this situation - and to also urge lawmakers around the world to make HIV pediatric treatment a political priority and a child's right.

We're honored to help give this urgent message the visibility it deserves, until no child anywhere has to deal with HIV or AIDS.

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Alicia Keys, Empowered, and National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day



February 7th marks the 15th annual National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, a time to talk about HIV in African-American communities across the country and promote awareness, testing, and treatment.

For the past year we’ve been working with Alicia Keys and the Kaiser Family Foundation as part of the Greater Than AIDS Empowered campaign to break the silence and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

We filmed Alicia Keys as she sat down with five incredible women from around the country who are all living with HIV.

The “We Are Empowered” special highlights their struggles and their triumphs, and how they’re not letting HIV stop them from leading amazing lives.

Alicia Keys has ignited a national conversation about the disproportionate effects of HIV on women in the U.S., and particularly women of color.

We’re proud to continue our work with the Empowered campaign, because no matter who you are or where you live, HIV/AIDS is still an issue that affects you and your community.

Visit Greater Than AIDS to learn how you can act locally, get tested, and start your own conversation about HIV.  

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Feeling Empowered with Alicia Keys and VH1 This Week


This week we’re feeling Empowered after watching new promos we just filmed with Alicia Keys in NYC, airing now on VH1.

They’re promoting the thirty-minute program we produced for the Kaiser Family Foundation’s national campaign, Greater Than AIDS: Empowered, which is premiering this Sunday on

Last year we filmed Alicia Keys as she sat down with five incredible women from around the country who are all living with HIV.

We've produced a lot of amazing content from that one conversation – including a half-hour program about the realities of HIV/AIDS and women in the U.S. today, and individual stories of strength and resilience from each of the five women.

The special – called “We Are Empowered” – will be streaming live this Sunday on as part of a National Watch Party and Discussion about women and HIV/AIDS in America.

You can tune in on this Sunday, January 19 from 8-9 pm EST(5-6 pm PST).

Alicia Keys will be live tweeting throughout the show, and will be taking questions over Twitter immediately after using #WeAreEmpowered.

We’re excited to see the Empowered campaign with Alicia Keys continue to expand and reach new audiences in 2014 – and it’s still only the beginning!

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Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Glaser – Two Women, Two Mothers, Two Leaders


This week, as people commemorated the 25th annual World AIDS Day around the globe, one of our clients was also commemorating their 25th anniversary – the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

We produced a special piece to tell their history and to honor Hillary Rodham Clinton, who received EGPAF’s Global Impact Award this week at a gala in New York City.

It showcases the friendship and collaboration of Elizabeth Glaser and Hillary Clinton, who first met in 1992 when Elizabeth delivered a call to action on HIV/AIDS at the Democratic National Convention.

They worked together to champion children and women’s health, until Elizabeth lost her battle with AIDS in 1994. Hillary Clinton continued the fight alongside EGPAF – as First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and beyond.

Our video premiered at the event, and Hillary Clinton was on hand to reflect on the incredible progress in the fight against pediatric AIDS.

She was joined by presenters and guests such as Diane Sawyer, Willow Bay, Mary Steenburgen, Julianna Margulies, Gloria Reuben, and Nigel Barker – and other advocates, philanthropists, and members of the EGPAF family.

Watch our latest piece for EGPAF, and learn more about how the work and legacy of these two women have helped move us closer than ever to an AIDS-free generation.

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Our Work is Catching Fire


Like just about everyone else, we at Long Story Short are excited about the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. (Some of us might have even already waited in line to see it.)

We’re just as excited that one of our pieces is being showcased on the official Hunger Games website. If you go the site and click on the Hunger Fact over the map of Africa, you can watch the piece we produced for the World Food Programme called “Logistics.”

Our client WFP has teamed up with Feeding America as non-profit partners of the Hunger Games to highlight the real issue of hunger at home and abroad.

We produced “Logistics” to show the impact that WFP has on the ground feeding millions under some very challenging circumstances.

With so much going on right now in the world – from Syria to the Philippines – consider making a donation to WFP.

Check out the Hunger Games site, spread the word, and #IgniteTheFight against hunger.

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Communities In Schools In the News


We were excited to see one of our clients – Communities In Schools – in the news again today for making an impact.

NBC Latino profiled this incredible education non-profit, which is the leading school dropout prevention organization in the country.

The article also highlighted a very familiar face to us at Long Story Short: CIS’s extraordinary site coordinator, Stephanie Armendariz.

Stephanie works with students at Schertz Elementary School outside of San Antonio, Texas, where we were proud to film on location with her last year.

We created a tribute piece to honor Stephanie as one of CIS’s 2012 Unsung Heroes, and also showcased her in the identity piece we produced for CIS, “Making A Difference.”

Stephanie is particularly making an impact on Hispanic students in her community, who make up about half of the population at Schertz Elementary. She helps her students overcome obstacles to learning like language barriers and the effects of poverty – and provides support to parents and families as well.

NBC Latino reports that the rate of Hispanic students who drop out of high school has been cut in half over the past decade.

That’s incredible progress – and organizations like Communities In Schools and people like Stephanie are making all the difference.

Click here to learn more about how Communities In Schools is reducing the dropout rate across the country.

Fighting Hunger on World Food Day


Today is World Food Day – and we at Long Story Short have been proud to help in the fight against hunger through our work with the World Food Programme (WFP) and World Food Program USA.

Our latest piece – “Syria” – has been seen by millions around the world, and recut for audiences on Pandora, Hulu, TV and web, and on LED screens from Times Square in New York City to Piccadilly Circus in London.

Take two minutes to watch, and share or donate through WFP to help the millions of Syrians who will go to bed hungry tonight.

And watch our other piece – “Logistics” – to see the amazing work WFP does under very tough conditions fighting hunger worldwide.

Speaking Out about AIDS and Gay Men in America


Friday was National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – a fitting time for the launch of our newest video, Speak OUT.

It’s our most recent collaboration with the Kaiser Family Foundation after our earlier Empowered campaign with Alicia Keys, which was focused on HIV and women.

Speak OUT is a joint initiative with the San Francisco Department of Health to re-ignite conversation about HIV/AIDS and gay men in America.

While there have been great strides for marriage equality over the past few years, the issue of AIDS has largely fallen to the back burner in the gay community.

But HIV has not gone away, and is actually on the rise again for gay men in America.

One in five gay men in major urban areas is HIV-positive – but nearly half don’t know their HIV status.

Speak OUT’s goal is to bring HIV back out of the closet – to get gay men to combat stigma and break the silence about HIV and AIDS with their loved ones, their health care providers, and their community.

This is the amazing project we wrote about in our newsletter that brought the Long Story Short team to San Francisco to film in a 9,000 square foot loft.

We spoke with eight amazing men, both HIV-positive and HIV-negative, who shared their personal experiences and talked about what’s really going on with AIDS in the gay community.

We loved working on this important and timely project with Kaiser, and look forward to more great things from Speak OUT.

Please watch the campaign video, and keep the dialogue going.

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Restoring Ocean Health - The Global Partnership for Oceans


Oceans make up more than 70% of the globe, and we depend on them for our food, our economies, and our livelihoods.

But we’ve known for a while now that our oceans are in deep trouble. From pollution, to overfishing, habitat depletion, and climate change – ocean health is a major issue.

That’s why we’re excited to see the launch of our latest video, an identity piece produced for the World Bank and the Global Partnership for Oceans.

The GPO is a new and growing partnership of governments, international organizations, NGOs, and the private sector – all dedicated to preserving our oceans.

It will draw upon some of the best minds, technical expertise, and financing around the world to help island and coastal countries find and fund the solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Take a look to learn more about this powerful new partnership, and how the GPO is poised to help bring our oceans back to health.

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Choosing Fair Trade Coffee with Kelly Clarkson in Peru


It’s no secret that producing great content takes a lot of time, effort, and talent. But we at Long Story Short know the other key ingredient: great coffee.

We like to think we know a thing or two about a good cup of joe, which is why we pride ourselves in drinking Fair Trade coffee.

Today, our newest project about Fair Trade launched with our partners Cone Communications, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Grammy-award winning artist Kelly Clarkson: “Great Coffee, Good Vibes, Choose Fair Trade.”

It combined all of the things we love: challenging international filming, corporate social responsibility work, and of course, great coffee.

In May, we had the incredible opportunity to travel to Peru with Green Mountain Coffee and Kelly Clarkson to document how Fair Trade is transforming the lives of coffee farmers, their families, and their communities.

From filming in coffee fields, small villages, and schools, we learned what’s possible when farmers are able to get a fair price for their crops.

Two of our videos premiered today on Green Mountain Coffee’s site, and were also showcased in an article about Kelly’s experiences on

October is Fair Trade month, and we are excited to be a part of it and this new campaign with Green Mountain Coffee and Kelly Clarkson.

Keep an eye out for more great content from our trip to Peru over the next several weeks - and enjoy it with a mug of their Fair Trade Coffee.

Check out our video documenting Kelly’s trip to Peru for Green Mountain Coffee.



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Telling Our Own Story - 2013 Sizzle Reel


As we jump back into Fall, we’re excited to be in the middle of some great new projects.

But we decided to also take a moment to make our own long story short with our new sizzle reel.

It pulls together some of the best sights, sounds, graphics, and voices from our work over the past couple of years.

Take a look – you just need a minute and a half.

It’s short, and it tells a great story.

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The Perfect Beach Read - LSS Media’s Summer Newsletter


The summer days are dwindling, and we at Long Story Short are looking ahead to a lot of new developments for the Fall – not least of which is our move from Georgetown to temporary headquarters in Logan Circle next week.

In the meantime, we’re taking stock of all the wonderful projects, clients, and happenings for the first part of 2013.

If you haven’t yet seen our newsletter this week, click here to read it.

And look through the timeline and photos here to get a peek at what’s inside.

Enjoy the last two weeks of summer!

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